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Tools to keep your family safe from COVID 19

Germ Avoid - August 21, 2020 - 0 comments

Germ Avoid is providing tools to families to keep them safe in these times of the Coronavirus.

Here are some tools from Germ Avoid to help keep yourself and your children safe.

Tools To Protect Yourself

Germ Avoid is providing tools that promote cleanliness for you while you navigate daily life in these circumstances.  Germ Avoid knows that there are germs everywhere and these are places that you will be touching.  It is unavoidable, no matter where you go or how safe you are, you will be exposed to germs.  Because of this, Germ Avoid has created two tools to help with not touching these contaminated surfaces with your bare hands.  The problem is that these contaminated surfaces do not get cleaned very often, which means germs just keep piling upon them.

The Clean Touch

Germ Avoid has created a product called the clean touch to protect your finger when you need to touch buttons.  This can range from buttons on an ATM or gas station, to elevators and so much more.  The tool looks almost like a bottle opener, except the middle part of it is an elastic circle to put your finger through. 

This will cover your bare finger from being exposed to the contaminated surfaces that you will need to be touching.  One of the best things about the Clean Touch is that it is portable and can even be a tool that you just stick on your keychain.  The convenient and easy-to-use tool is a perfect solution for the contaminated buttons that you need to touch in your everyday life.

About Germ Avoid

Germ Avoid is providing tools to keep families safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.  By creating the Clean Touch and Gas Gloves, Germ Avoid has created a solution for exposing bare hands to contaminated surfaces.  Using these tools will protect you, your family, and everyone you know in addition to wearing your mask and social distancing.  Go visit the website at and contact by phone at (626) 332 3063.  Follow for more updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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