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How to safely use a BANK ATM during COVID

Germ Avoid - August 26, 2020 - 0 comments

COVID has made doing so many regular things more difficult. Luckily, Germ Avoid has tools to help you.

The Clean-Touch from Germ Avoid is an excellent tool to help you.

Germ Avoid Solutions

Germ Avoid has recognized that doing everyday things has been impacted by the Coronavirus including simply using a bank ATM. Bank ATMs have got to be some of the most contaminated public surfaces up there with gas pumps. Many simple things like that have impacted and you could be putting yourself at risk if you do not have the proper tools to keep you safe. Germ Avoid has two distinct products in the Clean Touch and Gas Gloves to help you navigate your daily life throughout this pandemic.

Using The Clean Touch

The Clean-Touch from Germ Avoid is a must-have when you are out and about in your daily lives. When trying to take precautions, it is hard to prevent picking up any germs at all. But luckily, having the Clean Touch will help you when it comes to the buttons that you need to touch. That is why this tool is perfect for when you need to use Bank ATMs. With so many buttons on the ATM, you have to assume that they all have been touched and all have germs on them.

Putting your finger through the Clean Touch and touching those buttons with it is a much better solution than using your bare hands. You can use the Clean Touch for anything that you just have to use a finger for as it is not just limited to Bank ATMs. Whenever you will be encountering some sort of keypad, you will want to make sure that you have your Clean Touch from Germ Avoid handy.

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