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Germs are on
all public surfaces.

Think about it, everything from elevator buttons, soda machines, ATM buttons, gas nozzles and, well you get the point, everywhere. All of these surfaces are constantly being touched by contaminated hands daily. And if you think these surfaces are being properly cleaned to help control the spread of illness causing contaminants, that is not the case.

The Clean Touch

Start Using
The Clean Touch.

So, what is the solution, well one solution is to start using The Clean Touch, as it allows you to touch surfaces that can be filled with germs without touching the germs directly. Plus, The Clean Touch design makes it simple, as it is a portable and conveniently designed product. Simply slide out the elastic germ guard, insert your finger and you are ready to go.

Protect Yourself Against Germs Today!

The Clean Touch Gives Your The Peace of Mind Knowing You Have a Protective Guard
Between You & Public Surfaces.